Yang Yuting - Pictures

Circa 1948


    Boxers who relax by exercising and never hit anybody, are a common sight in palace courtyards, Here a class practices besides the Temple of Imperial Ancestors.

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Boxers.

A last look at Peiping. Time Magazine – January 3 1949

CHINA. Beijing.

    Each morning at dawn these men come to the Tai-miao Gardens to perform ritualistic exercises which serve not only to school the body, but also to discipline the mind to concentrate on matters of the spirit. In this group, there is a bank employee, a conservator of a museum, and an officer of the Kuomintang forces who does his exercises for two hours despite the steady advance of the Communist Army upon the walls of the city.

This classes were taught by Yang Yuting and later by Wang Peisheng.