Yang Family


Members of  Fourth Generation:

Yang Souzhong (1910-1985); Yang Zhenji (1921- 200?); Yang Zhenduo ( born 1926)


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  Yang Zhen Ming, called Shou Zhong, was born in 1911 and died in 1986. From a young age on he followed his father in studying the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

    By age 14 he had comprehended the Tai Chi Chuan energies and was thoroughly proficient in the techniques of the saber, sword and spear and had become the assistant of his father, Yang Chengfu. Shou Zhong at age 19 went to Anhui Province and later taught Tai Chi in Nanjing. After that he traveled with his father, passing through Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong Provinces. After Yang Chengfu passed away, Shou Zhong stayed in Guangzhou (Canton) to teach. In 1949 he moved to Hong Kong and opened a martial arts school where he taught.

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    Master Yang Zhenduo is the 4th Generation of the Yang Family and internationally recognized bearer of its rich heritage. He was born in Beijing in 1926 and is the great grandson of Yang Lu Chan, the creator of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. His grandfather is Yang Jianhou, second generation of the Yang Family. His father is Yang Chengfu, the third generation of the Yang Family and one of the most famous martial artists of this century. 

               The postures set forth by Yang Chengfu in his latter years are the standard that Master Yang Zhenduo emulates in his teaching and strives to achieve in his own practice.

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    Yang Zhen Ji, born in 1921, began studying with his father and elder brother at age 6. He studied very hard, grasping the essence of Tai Chi Chuan. In the late 1940's he began teaching Tai Chi Chuan.

    He traveled from Guangzhou (Canton) to Beijing, to Tianjin, to Guangxi, and to Handan to teach. Because he teaches very earnestly, his students are quite numerous and he once visited the United States. Zhen Ji, after several decades of practice and teaching, has gained a deep understanding of the skill passed on by his father.

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