Northern Wu:


Yang Yuting (1887-1982) Third Generation;

Wang Peisheng (1919-2004) Fourth Generation


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    Yang Yuting (1887-1982) was a teacher of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. He was Wang Mao Zhai's primary disciple and studied with him from 1916 to 1940. He began training in martial arts from the age of nine. He had a number of masters and learned Tan Tui, Chang Chuan, Xing Yi Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan.

    He reformed his Wu Style training training to make it more systematic and standardized the Wu Style Tai Chi he had learned from Wang Maozhai. After his death he became the leader of the Wu Style Beijing group.

    He was a respected teacher in Beijing for 75 years and at the time of his death was the vice-chairman of the Beijing Martial Arts Association. Wang Peisheng, Li Jingwu and Li Bingci were all his students. Read More

  Wang Peisheng (1919-2004) was a teacher of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. He was Yang Yuting's student and also a student of Wang Maozhai. He began training in martial arts with the Ba Gua master Ma Gui learning Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang 64 Palms. He assisted Yang Yu Ting teaching Tai Chi from the age of 15. He became the head of the Northern Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan group in Beijing after the death of Yang Yu Ting in 1982.

    He was noted for his expertise in the self-defence methods of Wu Style Tai Chi. In the 1950s he developed a shortened 37 posture Wu style form presented in his book 'Wu Style Chi Chuan' (Zhaohua Publishing House, Beijing, 1983).  Read more