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   My name is Horacio Lopez, NTS; and this site is dedicated to the promotion of Classical T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chi Kung practices. (Also spelled Taijiquan and Qigong)

    The name of my School is BodyMind Centered Therapies. (Old Site) Click

    I am the first Teacher to introduce T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Chi Kung to San Antonio (beginning in 1979). I have been teaching only Classical, Traditional forms of this Art; and I am an expert in this field of knowledge.

    My T’ai Chi Ch’uan journey began in 1975 and I have been very fortunate to study under several Teachers who are recognized worldwide as the best exponents of their Lineage/Tradition. They are:

  1. *   Grand Master William C.C.Chen: Yang Style

  1. *   Grand Master Kuo Lienying: Kwang Ping Yang Style

  1. *   Master Bruce Frantzis: Wu Style & Nei Kung 

  1. *   Grand Master Wang Jurong: Sun Style

  1. *   Grand Master Yang Zhenduo - 4th generation

     descendant Yang Family: Yang Family System Grand

  1. *   Grand Master Wang Peisheng - 4th generation

     Lineage holder: Northern Wu Style

  1. *   Sifu Zhang Yun (Disciple of Wang Peisheng) is 

     my current teacher: 37 Northern Wu, Saber, Sword.  

      (Yin Cheng Gong Fa Traditional Chinese Martial Arts 

      Training System) 

    I created the first Yang Chengfu T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center in the USA in 1995; and I served as Director of the Department of Ranking Standards of the International Yang Family T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association (between 2000 - 2005).


    I graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1988. (Natural Therapeutics Specialist)

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The Internal Exercise-Art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a Holistic discipline grounded in the philosophy of the “Unity of Opposites”. T’ai Chi Ch’uan’s translated name - Balance Fist - relates to the harmonious balancing of Yin/Yang energies in the body through movement and awareness.

This is an invitation to investigate Movement and Awareness and their relationship to Perception, Thought, Attention, Insight, and Consciousness, and how these core topics can advance individual development of alertness, clarity of thought, and grace in movement.

This IS NOT Simplified Tai Chi... To obtain real results you must practice the Real Art.



Pictures: left column-top to bottom

Grand Master Wang Peisheng, Virginia 1993

Sifu Zhang Yun, Penn State, 2008

Horacio Lopez with:

Grand Master Kuo Lienying. San Francisco,1978

Grand Master Yang Zhenduo China,1992

Dian Lopez and Grand Master Wang Jurong

San Antonio, 1996

right column

Horacio Lopez receiving First Prize during Group Competition  at the  “Third Yongnian International T’ai Chi Ch’uan Gathering”

China, 1995.



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    “As Tai Chi Chuan is quite complicated in its movement formation and demands a high degree of technical exactness and adaptability, and as the art emphasizes a gradual and natural development of subtle mind control, keen sensation and alert reaction, there is no short cut to the mastery of the art, and it is not advisable to design a quick learning course.

The right path to success is one of ceaseless endeavor following a scheme of gradual progression leading to a deeper and deeper understanding of the principles and techniques of the art and a finer and finer degree of controlling the body by the mind.”

By Master Yang Yuting. (Circa 1940’s)

Quote from the book Wu Style Taijiquan, by Wang Peisheng & Zeng Weiqi